System Requirements

Voreen has been developed as cross-platform C++ library. Therefore it can be built and used on a variety of hardware and software system setups. As Voreen makes heavy use of modern programmable GPU features, a recent graphics card with good OpenGL support is required.

Graphics Hardware

NVIDIA Graphics Hardware
Currently we support all NVIDIA graphics cards from the GeForce 6 series upwards.
ATI Graphics Hardware
Due to some driver issues, there are problems with some ATI graphics cards. However, in general ATI cards are supported.

Operating Systems

Windows 7, Vista, XP
This is the main development platform for the Voreen project.
Besides Windows, we also always have a stable release of Voreen for Linux systems.
Mac OS X
Occasionally we take the time to adapt the current Voreen version to work also under Mac OS X. Although in principle this shouldn't be a problem, technical issues may occur.

External Libraries

To build Voreen you need to have the following libraries installed on your system. For Windows most of these (except Qt) are included in the Voreen source distribution.

Optional Libraries